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May 28, 2006
Rams Ladies defeat Calgary Stingers
The Stingers have improved a great deal since the Rams Junior Ladies played them although the score of 12-2 does show it. The Rams Junior Ladies are looking forward to playing them again in the future.

May 26, 2006
Ladies Rams downed by Red Deer Riot
The Rams lost their second game of the year to the Red Deer Riot. Although penalties abound on both sides, the tone of the game was upbeat and free from the pale mauve femiinine hostility which can put a definite edge to the proceedings. What captured the Rams Junior Ladies attention, and what was the source of much discussion, was watching the "Harold Albrecht School of Coaching," from the Red Deer bench (ie quit your bi**hing and play.) All the girls were quite horrified at the succinct manner in which Harold dealt with his players. As the game proceeded, however, the Rams Ladies opinion of Mr. ALbrecht began to change. At the end of the game they allowed that, actually, although all coaches counsel their players from the bench during the game, the only difference is that they do it in a more refined manner. We look forward to playing the Riot again as the teams are fairly equal in talent.

May 18, 06
Thursday, May 18, "Rams Ladies trample Warriors"
The chippy play of the fledgling Warrior team was not enough to beat the Rams Junior Ladies who won handily by a score of 7-1. Melissa Ayotte scored two nice goals, affiliate Melissa McHale also scored two beauty goals. Kate Engel worked it hard to score two goals at the end of the game and Janelle Reid, with what is sure to become a famous side arm shot, also scored. A big thanks to affilitates Jennifer Lissey, Melissa McHale and Sarah Forbes for 'puttin on the foils, coach' and coming out to play for us. Our girls now have a 3/1/1 record...and counting.

May 13, 06
Rams vs Silvertips
The Junior Ladies Rams acquitted themselves with undiminished determination in their late Saturday afternoon game against the surly and verbally vocal Silvertips and managed to eke out a tying goal in the absolute dying seconds of the game. Literally half the team is out with injuries. I once again thank affiliate Erin Davidson for giving up her weekend to get royally roughed up! Thank you!

May 14, 06
Rams vs Stingers
The Rams Junior Ladies limped through a more sedate game on Sunday May 14. The Stingers played hard and as well as a new team can. We are all hoping the injured girls will soon be able to join the team.

May 2, 2006
The Junior Rams Ladies lacrosse team crushed the Junior Warrior Ladies in more ways than one tonight in their season opener at Akinsdale Arena. The Rams Ladies won by a score of 12-2. Keeping the play in the Warrior's end for most of the game, the Rams aggressively pursued scoring goals.

As this was their first game playing together as a team in a league game, the Rams looked somewhat rusty at times. What they lacked in finesse they made up for in unfettered agression, which in turn garnered them eleven penalties.

When asked what she thought of the game, Shannon Davidson said it was very exciting to start the season off with a 12-2 win. She praised the less experienced players on the team and said it was obvious they would only get better with time.

When asked, Brianne Tetz said she very much enjoyed playing the first game. She thought it was a hard fought agressive game which suits her style of play. She also praised the new girls on the team saying they fought hard and were not afraid to get the ball and run.

Heather Thompson started out the season well getting a hat trick. Kate Engel and Janelle Reid each scored two goals. Shannon Davidson, Brianne Tetz, Megan Lauer, Allison Boutillier and Debra-Ann Wash rounded out the scoring.

The Rams Ladies look forward to kicking more lacrosse butt this year!

A few changes will challenge the Rams Ladies team this season. A new expansion team, the Edmonton Warriors, plucked some players from last year's team, however, it has also opened up space for some newcomers to the game of lacrosse that are picking up the sport quickly.

Coach Tom Engel has come over from the Edmonton Warriors organization. He has brought in Geoff Wright from the Spruce Grove Slash as an Assistant Coach to bring his knowledge of the game to the team.


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